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Can Water Damage Indicate Mold?

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Manhasset specializes in water damage and mold removal & mold remediation services. Water spills and flooding often indicate that mold will soon begin to grow, so it is crucial that you seek our help right away. We are available to handle your affected area. Mold is a common result of water damage and can be dangerous. Valuable property can be destroyed by the resulting rot that it creates. This is why when Hippo Carpet Cleaning Manhasset technicians arrive at your house, they do more than just clean up the affected area.

Mold is a potentially dangerous fungus that can thrive in warm, damp environments. When someone experiences water damage, they should contact a licensed restoration service provider immediately to determine if there is the presence of mold infection. Mold can quickly spread and damage other areas of your home. Attempts to simply clean up water or patchwork over water damage may just end up hurting your health in the long run and possibly even lead to more severe problems. We understand how important your home is to you, and when water damage happens we take pride in our fast response time, excellent water damage remediation services, and expert knowledge in removing mold.

What Should I Do After Water Damage?

A flood can be a traumatic experience. If you have just experienced water damage, please contact us for water damage restoration services. It is imperative that water is thoroughly cleaned, and mold is not allowed to grow, in order to protect you, your family, and your possessions.

Water damage is a serious problem that can easily spread through your entire home. We arrive on the scene with the complete tools and expertise to restore your home back to its original state. Our certified technicians will conduct an initial assessment and provide a solution. In fact, our technicians are always available to answer questions regarding mold removal at the scene of the problem.

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Once you try our high-quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!
Call Now To Schedule! 516-331-0997
Once you try our high-quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

If There Are Water Stains, Does It Mean I Have Mold?

Mold growth is often undetectable by homeowners until it has spread to a point where it is visible from obvious observation points. Here are a few indications that mold growth has occurred:

  • The presence of water stains on the wall indicates that there is a potential for mold growth. A leaking pipe or some other plumbing issue is usually the cause of these stains.
  • The yellow and brown colors on the wall most likely indicate mold on the wall.
  • Damaged walls not only indicate water damage but also a mold.
  • Occasionally, walls bow or bulge when water damage occurs.

Best Conditions for Mold Growth

Mold requires a number of things to grow. Some of them include:

  • Mold is a living organism, so it requires moisture and oxygen in order to survive. These factors are the most important when it comes to determining whether mold grows in a house.
  • If there is no food source, mold cannot grow. Meat and vegetables, drywall, materials, and wood are some of the things that mold can feed on.
  • Another requirement for mold to thrive is warmth. The fastest growth of mold occurs at temperatures over 60°F.

Is Mold Dangerous?

As mold grows in your home, it poses an increased health risk for both your family and yourself. Since mold grows wherever moisture and oxygen exist, it often grows around leaky roofs, leaking windows, leaking pipes, and in flooded basements. Taking a shower or even cooking a meal can cause moisture to appear in the air and cause a mold problem.

Mold-related health problems are more likely to affect people with allergies and respiratory conditions. Moisture increases mold spores in the air, putting our respiratory system at risk. Also, it can cause a large number of health problems, including insomnia, hair loss, weight gain, memory loss, and problems with concentration. Moreover, mold exposure can cause both mold-allergic and non-allergic individuals to have irritation in their eyes, throat, nose, and lungs.

Why Choose Hippo Carpet Cleaning Manhasset?

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Manhasset is committed to providing exceptional carpet cleaning and mold removal services. Let our professionals help you deal with your black mold and other issues. We will provide you with affordable prices that will meet your expectations. During all our services we use cutting-edge technologies, advanced tools and equipment. All this plus a dedicated staff of specially trained technicians will make it possible to achieve the best outcome for your home.

We are passionate about taking great care of your property by doing our best at cleaning and water damage restoration services. We work hard to protect the health of our customers, their environment, and even their pets and children! Just call us today at 516-331-0997 to find out how to get our special offers.


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