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Not all carpet cleaners are created equal. On a similar note, neither are carpets. Since every carpet cleaning case is individual, each cleaning session must be uniquely timed and planned out. Though we certainly would not consider them our competitors, there are several big-name carpet cleaning franchises currently working within the Nassau County lines. Their success is a numbers game and with all due respect, we do not see our customers like numbers. We see you, our clients, as members of a shared community in Manhasset.

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Clients testimonials
Adrian T.a month ago
I thought my couch would never look good again, but the technician did a great job on my sectional. He took the time to do it right. I will tell my friends who they should call when they need cleaning.
Joseph P.2 months ago
We have only good things to say about this company. We needed mold testing done after a leak. It was clear the tech really knew what he was doing, and we had the results in just a few days. They make the process of dealing with mold so much easier.
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Once you try our high-quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

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The benefits of carpet cleaning go beyond simply creating a clean and relaxing environment. The true benefit of carpet cleaning is its ability to relieve many symptoms of allergies as well as remove harmful bacteria from your carpet. A variety of dust, dander, soil, and other micro-sized organisms naturally enter your homes. Once inside, your carpet and upholstery are the perfect places for them to hide because the fabric of carpet and upholstery helps shield them from removal. Your vacuum is your best option for their evacuation, however, unlike our vacuums, your vacuums can only remove the topmost portion living in your carpet. Our vacuums, when combined with our pre-treatments and cleaning solutions, actually loosen up those stubborn pathogens and then capture them when they are isolated.

Our steam cleaning treatment not only gives your carpets the clean of their life, but it is also capable of removing even the toughest stains. Pet urine and odor, known to be nearly irremovable by an untrained hand, are easily scrubbed away and replaced by a sanitized and hygienic form of your old carpet.

Pet Stains & Odor Removal
Pet Stains & Odor Removal
Extra Services
Extra Services
Special attention to heavy traffic areas spots, stain & gritty dry soil.
Stain-Resistant Protective Coating from stains, spills, spots, dirt & more.
Highly effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Mattress deep cleaning with allergy relief treatment.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Finest quality with competitive prices!

Working for the allergy prone

If you suffer from allergies and cannot seem to get any relief, you might want us to come out and look at your air ducts. While air ducts need less frequent cleaning than carpets, they are equally as guilty of harboring pathogens that affect your breathing and your health. Our technicians are trained to open up and examine the state of your air ducts and to even clean the filters if need be.

If you are concerned about the air quality of your home, give Hippo Carpet Cleaning Manhasset a call and find out about our carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning services today. Don't forget to schedule a free price estimate!

Reliable & Certified Cleaning Technicians
Reliable & Certified Cleaning Technicians
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